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A Christmas with Wedgwood

A Christmas with Wedgwood

Wedgwood divider Wedgwood Christmas Advent Calendar

This year the Wedgwood Christmas collection extends beyond traditional tree ornaments to include elegant interior pieces to decorate the home throughout. Skillfully crafted in fine porcelain the Wedgwood Christmas collection incorporated traditional festive scenes and figures along with neo classical Wedgwood icons.

In the true Wedgwood spirit, the Christmas collection is a lasting pleasure and can be brought out year after year and passed from generation to generation.

Online Exclusive

Wedgwood Advent House

Limited Edition of 3 (Only 1 available online)

The limited edition, made-to-order, Wedgwood Advent House offers an exceptional gift to add excitement to the festive experience for family and friends, creating joyous anticipation in the countdown to Christmas.

A hand crafted house in exquisite miniature, inspired by Georgian architecture, is the setting for this visually stunning celebration of the days of advent. A new delightful ornament inspired by iconic Wedgwood blue and white Jasper ware designs can be discovered afresh daily. From individually numbered pouches, the porcelain charm can then be placed back in its Wedgwood blue nook for display, hung from a beautiful white ribbon.

This exclusive and truly captivating treasure trove for a collection of whimsical ornaments full of seasonal cheer ensures its place as a family heirloom of the future to be enjoyed by all, year after year.

View further information about the ornaments and care instructions.

Wedgwood Christmas Advent Calendar

The Wedgwood Advent House comprises one home and twenty-four porcelain ornaments in individual pouches, housed together with gift presentation folder and certificate of authenticity within a custom made storage crate.

House Measurements: 59.5cm x 83cm x 29.9cm
Ornament Max Measurements: 0.35cm x 0.45cm
Storage Crate: 86.2cm x H 63.5cm x 31.6cm, total weight approximately 32kg
Product Code: 701587014458
Price: £12,500.

Enquire today: +44 (0)1782 282651

Lines open: 9am to 5pm (GMT), Monday to Friday

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Wedgwood Christmas Decorations 2014

A Stylish Christmas

Inspired by Wedgwood's iconic Jasper imagery and exemplary archive designs. These exquisite decorations are perfect family heirlooms that can be brought out year after year and passed from generation to generation. Wedgwood Christmas Decorations are guaranteed to ensure that any Christmas tree is looking its stylish best.

New additions to the collection including a stunning Hanging Decoration with three different sized snowflakes, a "NOEL" decoration spelt out with individual letters, votives and three different sized Decorative Orbs that would sit beautifully under the Christmas tree.

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Further Wedgwood Advent House Information

Presentation Kit

The Wedgwood Advent House is handcrafted in the UK and limited to a global production run of only three. Each creation is accompanied by a presentation folder containing a certification of authenticity, details of each individual charm and a glimpse into the making of this luxurious and enduring gift.

Care Instructions - House

To ensure the good condition of the Wedgwood Advent House, use a soft, dry cloth to without applying undue pressure to clean the surface. Do not apply water or solvent based cleaning products when cleaning the house and avoid abrasive cloths which can damage the decorative surface. Ensure the house is stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Care Instructions - Ornaments

The ornament should be washed carefully using a soft cloth or brush and a mild detergent diluted with warm water. After rinsing thoroughly with clean water, dry with a soft cloth. Gentle rubbing or washing in water will not harm the surface of the ornament.


Christmas ornament included for decoration purposes only, they are not a toy. Keep out of reach of children under 36 months due to small parts.

Construction of the House

  1. The Wedgwood Advent House silhouette and fine detailing is laser cut to imitate the refined look and graceful lines of the Georgian architecture which inspired its design and is then rendered in Alabaster paint for a clean finish.
  2. The rear doors, opening fully to allow safe storage of advent doors as ornaments are unveiled during advent, are added to the construction by hand for perfect alignment and minute adjustment.
  3. The rear aspect of the miniature stately home is completed with gold metallic door knobs acting as the handles for the storage area and mirrors the symmetry of the front to allow for versatile presentation in the home.
  4. Each recess hidden beneath the advent windows is hand painted in iconic Wedgwood blue to allow the ornaments an individual stage on which they can shine.
  5. The twenty-four windows, each revealing its own surprise, are assembled by hand to ensure perfect finishing.
  6. The completed product is one of only three produced globally for Christmas 2014, a veritable blend of classic design and craftsmanship.
Wedgwood Christmas Advent House Construction

The Advent Ornaments with descriptions

Wedgwood Christmas Advent House Ornaments
  1. Carol Singers – Heralding the start of the festive period, Carol singers decorate this traditional bauble shape.
  2. Neo Classical Star – A small but perfectly formed neo classical star in pure white features elegant concentric rays.
  3. Mini Snowflake – A delicate snowflake motif is given definition against a striking Wedgwood blue background.
  4. Cupid – Bringing love to all during the holiday season, a classic depiction of Cupid in single tone white complete with arrow.
  5. Mini Bell Pull – A shapely bell pull with its elegantly curving lines is given definition through white on blue jasper wear detailing.
  6. 18th Century Soup Tureen – A faithful reproduction in miniature of this 18th century tureen results in an amusing addition to the calendar.
  7. Neo Classical Ball – The archetypal round Christmas bauble is delightfully decorated with winter snowflakes.
  8. Bow – An elaborate Christmas bow, fit to adorn a festive wreath is depicted in relief.
  9. Cameo Wreath – A plush olive leaf wreath topped with a bow acts as a graceful setting for this mini cameo ornament.
  10. 18th Century Pitcher – Taking inspiration from an 18th century Wedgwood design, this clean white pitcher is recreated for the miniature stately home setting.
  11. Iconic Cup and Saucer – A Wedgwood cup and saucer is fashioned in an unusual inverted blue on white jasperware combination.
  12. Neo Classical – A lavish neo classical garland based on the beloved motif of Classical Roman decoration.
  13. Christmas Star – The definitive symbol of Christmas, the wondrous star, is depicted in a central stylised plaque.
  14. Traditional Coffee Pot – A charming and faithful imitation of traditional Wedgwood tableware clean lines in white porcelain.
  15. Cameo Wreath – Circular cameo featuring a profile of a Grecian lady in neon classical style, decorated with beaded edging .
  16. Venus Bust – The ancient Greek statue of Venus de Milo is the inspiration for this sophisticated addition to the Advent collection.
  17. Classical Cameo Round – A fine depiction of a classical figure is captured in perfect miniature within a bedecked round cameo.
  18. Neo Classical Star – The 12 point neo classical star, reminiscent of the Empire star motif of Regency period, is re-invented for Christmas.
  19. Reindeer Cameo – The Christmas Reindeer, Santa’s loyal helper, is honoured in a blue bordered cameo.
  20. Medici Vase – A perfectly formed homage to the monumental Medici Vase, found here in simple white as an echo of the originals marble composition.
  21. Classical Cameo Oval – An elongated ornate oval incorporating blue and white jasperware acts as the base for a highly detailed classical figure cameo.
  22. Mini Teapot – An essential within every English home, the tea pot charm is small yet delightful.
  23. Portland Vase – A fitting tribute to the original Portland Vase, with its scenes dedicated to the theme of love.
  24. Mini Borghese Vase – The pinnacle of the collection, the mini Borghese vase references the original antiquity in its beautiful form as well as its scenes of festivity and frivolity.
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